What can you do when the doctor or teacher informs you that there are concerns about your child’s development?

Do you wish to understand your child, help your child grow and develop better

Do you wish to be better supported as a caregiver and get to know other caregivers?

Step One Programme helps you to understand your child, find resources and learn strategies to help your child develop and grow through 4 online self-paced modules, to be completed within 3 months. You may also sign up for up to 4 support sessions to help you consolidate your learning and be connected with other caregivers to support you in your caregiving journey.

Join Step One to learn how to help your child grow & develop better!

Step One will help you to

Find support and connect you to a caregivers’ community

Find resources and learn strategies

The Step One Programme has been developed by CaringSG in consultation with SG Enable.

Target Audience

For Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident Caregivers with children under 7 years of age who are awaiting early intervention services for diagnosed or suspected developmental condition(s).

Mode of delivery

4 self-paced online modules with topical quiz where participants may access anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device.


$0. The Step One Programme is currently funded by SG Enable.

JOIN US! CaringSG is here to take this Step One with you  💗

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