Programme Team

Teo Hui Fang

Head of programs

Lynne Tan Zhilin

CAREwell keyworker

Lee Shang Xuan

CAREwell keyworker

Elysia Poh

Senior Executive, CAREadvisory & CAREbuddy

Rachel Fong

Executive, CAREadvisory

Reynard Lye

CAREadvisory coordinator

Shoelle Goh

Senior Executive, Training

Esther Hon

Senior Executive, Training

Dr Ngiam Xin Ying

CaringSG Webinar Lead

Dr Kao Pao Tang

CaringSG Webinar co-Lead

Abigail Chua

Senior Executive, Training & Caregiver services

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Super Awesome Mum

Artist: Keok B (KB) Lim 林菊美

Current Bid: $2,000