Caregiver Volunteer Training

Course Description

The Caregiver Volunteer Training Programme equips caregivers of dependents with developmental need with knowledge and skills to support another caregiver in the community through shared experiences.

Completion of the Caregiver Volunteer Training Programme will enable participants to be deployed as CaringSG volunteers, serving in capacities as CAREbuddies or CAREchampions.


Make a positive impact in the lives of other caregivers with your experiences, support one another and build a community of strength and resilience.

Course Objectives

Through this programme, you will learn about 

  • The latest developments in caregiving. 
  • Effective communication strategies. 
  • Problem-solving skills to help caregivers manage challenges.

CVT Programme Outline:

Duration: 24 hours over 3 months.

Module A – Connectedness: Communication Skills and Emotional Support 

Module B – Life Change: Identifying and Supporting Needs

Module C – Insights and Knowledge: Self Care and Supportive Practices

Target Audience: Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident Caregivers with special need dependent.

Mode of delivery:  Asynchronous e-learning modules + Zoom sessions

Fee: S$50 for registration fees (non – refundable)

Course Requirement:

  1. E-learning Module: All notes and videos in each module must be reviewed. 
  2. Reflections and Case Studies: Participants must complete all reflections and case studies in each module before attending the zoom session. Reflections have to be submitted electronically via Google Forms. 100% course completion is compulsory for modules A, B, and C.
  3. Zoom/ face to face session: Trainees are strongly encouraged to attend all zoom sessions. 4 out of 6 zoom sessions must be fulfilled as part of the course completion requirement unless prior approval from the course administrator has been granted due to extenuating circumstances. Active participation with camera turned on during during zoom sessions is required all times.


An electronic certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the Caregiver Volunteer Training Programme.

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  2. Fill in the required information.
  3. The course administrator will be in touch soon.

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