About the CAREwell Program

What is CAREwell?

CAREwell supports caregivers in their caregiving role, emotional and mental wellness, decisions about services, and care management. Through ecological and routine-based approaches and psychotherapeutic techniques, the support provided by our trans-disciplinary key worker include 1. trauma-informed emotional support and mental health advisory for caregivers and 2. professional support on service navigation, care coordination, and service integration for meeting dependent’s and family’s social and health needs.

How CAREwell works?

Each family is supported by a Keyworker who is typically a trained professional in social work, healthcare, special needs, or other related professions. Key Worker will meet with caregiver for needs analysis and establish family support plan. The plan will be reviewed on regular basis. The program lasts for 6 months.

How to register for CAREwell?

Interested caregivers or external agency can click on the relevant buttons below to request for CAREwell. For caregivers, you will receive an email with a link to ‘CSG Caregiver Needs Form’. Fill in the form and our team will be in contact with you shortly. Applicants to CAREwell are screened for suitability before being enrolled into the programme.

Notice Regarding Respect and Safety at CaringSG

At CaringSG, we are committed to creating a supportive, respectful, and safe environment for our staff and volunteers. In accordance with Singapore’s Protection from Harassment Act (2014), we uphold a strict policy against any form of abuse or harassment.

Policy on Service Refusal:

Zero Tolerance for Abuse: We maintain a zero-tolerance stance towards any behavior that constitutes verbal, physical, or emotional abuse towards our team members.

Right to Refuse Service: In instances where any member engages in such conduct, CaringSG reserves the right to refuse or discontinue services to the offending individual.

Ensuring a Safe Space: This measure is crucial in ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our dedicated staff and volunteers, who are here to assist and support you.

Reporting and Action: Any incidents of abuse or harassment should be reported immediately, and will be addressed in accordance with the relevant legal frameworks.

We appreciate your cooperation in fostering a community of respect and kindness, ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved with CaringSG.

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