The Purple Parade 2023: A Spectacular Showcase of Care and Inclusivity

The Purple Parade 2023, held on November 4th, was a heartwarming celebration of inclusion and support for individuals with special needs, their caregivers, and supporters. To stand in support with caregivers and their families, CaringSG participated in our second Purple Parade this year.

CaringSG’s Purple Parade Activities

CaringSG staff and volunteers prepared a colourful booth with touching quotes submitted during 2022 Purple Parade slogan quest

One of our signature features of the Purple Parade 2023 were the beautiful CAREcottage handicrafts by talented artisans. These intricately crafted items, lovingly made by caregivers and their care recipients with special needs, showcased their creativity and artistic skills.

CaringSG’s dinosaur mascots brought smiles to many caregivers

Visitors had the opportunity to browse and purchase these unique handicrafts, supporting the cause and taking home a piece of artistry that reflected the spirit of inclusivity. 

Our Uplift! Book, a project by CaringSG, was another highlight of the event. This beautifully crafted coffee table book encapsulates the incredible collaboration between local artist Chia Choy Ping, Lee Jun Le, an extraordinary individual with autism, with poems from Assoc Prof (Dr) Kenny Tan.

In addition, it features a collection of heartwarming stories and experiences shared by caregivers, an inspiring testament to the strength, love, and resilience of the caregiving community. Copies of this book were available for attendees to peruse, offering insight into the lives of those who are dedicated to caring for their loved ones.

From left: Edward Lim (Head of Corp Services and CAREconnect Lead), Faraliza Zainal (CAREchampion and Founder of MIJ Hub), Tan Pei Cheng (CAREchampion Lead) and Dr Lim Hong Huay (Founder and Honorary CEO of CaringSG) in front of the “Spur On, Caregivers” wall
Supporters penning down encouragement for caregivers for our “Spur On, Caregivers” wall

At the heart of our Purple Parade booth, there was a “Spur On, Caregivers” wall where many people penned down their heartfelt words of encouragement for caregivers. This wall served as a powerful symbol of solidarity and appreciation for the unwavering dedication of caregivers, a testament to the fact that caregivers are not alone in their journey and that their efforts are valued and celebrated.

Group photo of the Purple Parade marching contingent by CaringSG Ltd and BlackRock Singapore Ltd
We’re so happy to be a part of Purple Parade!

The Purple Parade 2023 also saw a strong show of support from the marching contingent by CaringSG Ltd and BlackRock Singapore Ltd. a prominent organization that believes in the power of inclusivity. The marching contingent comprised our community of caregivers, their families, and supporters from BlackRock and the public.

How You Can Support Special Needs Caregivers

Beyond the Purple Parade, CaringSG relies on the generosity of supporters and organizations to continue our mission of connecting, enabling and empowering special needs caregivers.

We welcome you to learn more about the caregiver services we offer by visiting our website to read more about CAREconnect, CAREbuddy and CAREwell. Here, you’ll find comprehensive information on our various services and resources available to caregivers to support them on their journey.

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