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Tea Time at Ya Kun – Appreciation Campaign for Special Needs Caregivers and Families

Tea Time at Ya Kun – Appreciation Campaign for Special Needs Caregivers and Families

CaringSG and Ya Kun Kaya Toast collaborated to run an appreciation campaign for special needs caregivers and families.

Ya Kun encouraged their customers to fuel a caregiver of a person with special needs and show their appreciation by gifting them a cup of Ya Kun kopi or tea. Customers could participate in this initiative via Ya Kun’s Cherish app from 10 Oct to 30 Nov 2022.

Ya Kun also helped to spread awareness of what CaringSG does, by sharing with their customers that CaringSG is a caregiver-led initiative and registered non-profit organisation for special needs caregivers and the community. We were set up in 2020 and are supported by SG Enable.

Customers were further informed to visit to learn more about how they can support special needs caregivers, and to check out if they are a person with disability or caregiver in need of support.


Tea Time at Ya Kun @ Far East Square

As part of the appreciation campaign, caregivers were treated to a traditional tea brunch of Kaya toast with butter set (Set A) at Ya Kun @ Far East Square on 12 November 2022. The meals and venue were kindly sponsored by Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

A total of 16 caregivers and 15 children turned up for the event, and participants could also take the opportunity to share their life experiences with other caregivers and their families. The children were engaged with simple board games, jigsaw puzzles and activities while enjoying their meals in Ya Kun’s flagship store that offered a rustic ambience reminiscing the good old days of kampung gatherings.

The event was supported by two CAREkakis, two CAREambassadors, four CaringSG staff and volunteers.  

We sincerely thank our kind sponsor Ya Kun Kaya Toast and all the Ya Kun customers who participated in this appreciation campaign with a kopi or tea treat to special needs caregivers.

This caregiver appreciation event was also supported by our partners (Enabling Lives Grant Initiative by SG Enable and Tote Board, Temasek Foundation and Boon Lay CCC).

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