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CaringSG Seminar – Preparing for National Service (NS) for Enlistees with Special Needs on 17 Mar 2024

CaringSG Seminar – Preparing for National Service (NS) for Enlistees with Special Needs on 17 Mar 2024

Speakers at CaringSG's Seminar on Preparing for National Service, from left: COL (NS) Darren Tan, BG (RET) Ishak Ismail, PTE (NSF) Gabriel Tan, LCP (NSF) Joshua Yap and his mother Freya Lim
Speakers at CaringSG's Seminar on Preparing for National Service, from left: COL (NS) Darren Tan, BG (RET) Ishak Ismail, PTE (NSF) Gabriel Tan, LCP (NSF) Joshua Yap and his mother Freya Lim

Caregivers often face stress and uncertainty when their dependant goes through life stage transitions, such as enlisting in National Service. Hence, to empower caregivers with the knowledge to prepare for NS, we organised a seminar with SGFamilies, ACCORD, SAFRA Punggol and SPARK Singapore on 17 March 2024 (Sunday), 2:30 – 4:30pm at SAFRA Punggol.

Graced by our Guest-of-Honour Mdm Rahayu Mahzam, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Health and Ministry of Law, and also Board Advisor to CaringSG, the event saw 128 participants who attended to learn about the pre-enlistment processes tailored for individuals with special needs.

Five invited speakers shared their experience and invaluable information on support mechanisms available to facilitate a seamless transition into National Service:

• COL (NS) Darren Tan, Family Coach and National Service Commander
• BG (RET) Ishak Ismail, Ex-Commander BMTC, ACCORD Member
• Freya Lim and LCP (NSF) Joshua Yap, mother and son
• PTE (NSF) Gabriel Tan, Administrative Support Assistant (ASA)

Caregivers who wish to learn more about the process can visit these links below:
CMPB – Pre-Enlistment Process
Enabling Guide

This is our second joint collaboration in our ongoing efforts to support caregivers with sons with special needs as they enlist in National Service. The first collaboration, a webinar in June 2023, can be accessed by logging into our member portal.

In addition to the seminar, CaringSG organised a CAREcottage Bazaar, showcasing artworks, creations of love, and dignity crafted by youths from our CAREcottage families from 10:30am to 5:30pm at SAFRA Punggol. Keep a lookout for upcoming CAREcottage features on our blog!

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CaringSG Volunteer Appreciation Day 2023

CaringSG Volunteer Appreciation Day 2023

CaringSG held our first Volunteer Appreciation Day on 27 May 2023, Saturday, at the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre.

We welcomed 50 volunteers across various CaringSG Project 3i programmes to meet up and mingle with one another over lunch and games. 

After the Opening Address by Board Co-Chair Dr David Ang, volunteers enjoyed mini games which tested how well they knew each other, with lots of laughter and fun, and smiles all around.

Some volunteers and CaringSG staff who have not had the chance to meet in person, could finally meet face to face and bond over food and games. Others caught up with fellow volunteers they had not seen face to face for a long while and had a good long chat.

To show our gratitude for our volunteers’ contributions, we prepared appreciation videos showcasing their efforts and impact on caregivers and the community.

CaringSG Board Chair Dr Lim Hong Huay also gave a speech to thank volunteers, and she presented certificates and tokens of appreciation to our various groups of volunteers at CaringSG’s Volunteer Award & Appreciation Ceremony. 

We are immensely grateful to have the support of all our volunteers, and deeply cherish our time with you in our collective efforts to support special needs caregivers and their families.

Scroll down to see photos of our Volunteer Appreciation Day!

We welcome volunteers to sign up with us at


Opening Address by CaringSG Board Co-Chair Dr David Ang
Volunteer games underway with lots of laughter and smiles
Volunteer Appreciation Speech by CaringSG Board Co-Chair Dr Lim Hong Huay
CAREambassadors: volunteers at CaringSG events
CAREkakis: trained grassroot leaders
CAREchampions: caregiver volunteers at CAREconnect events
CAREwell: professional volunteers
CAREbuddy: trained caregivers who provide other caregivers with support and listening ear
icare! gala dinner volunteer

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A Father’s Love – From our Board Member, Dr Djoni Huang

A Father’s Love – from our Board Member, Dr Djoni Huang

Dear Fathers,

Never underestimate the importance you have in your child’s life. And although you may come across moments of stress, helplessness, fear and despair, you are not alone.

Dear Fathers, there are others who understand what it is like to raise a special needs child. We know how much planning it takes, figuring out how to start from ground zero. Some have given up careers as well to spend more time with their child, to provide stability at home through the formative years.

We are problem-solvers, anchors for our family, and leaders through uncertain times. We also look out for each other, and share what we know with fellow dads.

As we celebrate Fathers’ Day this month, let’s prioritise basic self-care, be kind to ourselves, and appreciate the efforts we have made to love and care for our families.

I would personally like to thank all the team members of CaringSG under the leadership of Dr Lim Hong Huay and Dr David Ang, PBM. You certainly have made a difference in our lives!

Happy Father’s Day.

– Djoni

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