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I Believe

With my kids and special needs families at purple parade in 2018

“This is going to be really tough. What makes you think you all can pull this (CaringSG and project 3i) through?” The icy question from a social service sector veteran pierced my soul as I searched deep in my heart for an answer……one that I will not be ashamed to give to my maker one day.

I believe in Him who called me……who has and will make all things beautiful in His time and for His name.

I believe in my fellow caregivers……who faithfully journeys with me and many others for years, even when it was in the unearthly hours when I was at my lowest.

I believe in my fellow colleagues and allies, who like me, have entered the disability sector with a heart of passion, and despite our myriad battle scars, have stayed on and kept going on, come what may.

CaringSG will realise our vision of “One Life. One Family. One community.” because we value every caregiver and child’s life as a unique whole irrespective of our differences. We believe in supporting every family to be healthy and happy throughout life course. We believe in a united special needs community in an inclusive Singapore.

Let’s join hands and hold each other up in this caregiving journey. The birthing is difficult. We will overcome. The building is arduous. We will conquer. The harvest is plentiful. We will labour joyfully. Through blood, sweat and tears, CaringSG will arise triumphantly. Not from pride in numbers but humility in service.

10 years on, 20 years on, I know I will look back and say, “ I am so thankful I believed.”

This post was written by Dr Lim Hong Huay, CaringSG Board Chair and Project 3i Lead, on why she founded CaringSG.

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