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Paddle & Clean with Singapore Paddle Club on 8 October 2023

Paddle & Clean with Singapore Paddle Club on 8 October 2023

Instead of the usual land activities, CaringSG partnered with 10 volunteers from the Singapore Paddle Club (SPC) on 8 October 2023 to bring caregivers and their care recipients out to sea!

Spending Sunday afternoon immersed in nature can be a rejuvenating experience, especially for caregivers who are always busy with their usual routine and caregiving duties. The excited group first met at the Ola Beach Club at Sentosa where the SPC volunteers conducted a safety briefing as well as a quick training session on how to use a paddle to propel the outrigger canoe effectively.

Many caregivers had not paddled with their loved ones before and therefore it was indeed a refreshing and new experience for them. Paddling together as a family not only fostered cooperation, communication, and shared enjoyment, it also provided them with the mental refreshment that came from being outdoor at sea. The sea, with its vastness and tranquillity, has a way of quieting the mind and reducing stress levels.

Even though the weather was extremely hot on that day, everyone had tons of fun interacting with one another and having a good body workout!

A total of 19 caregivers and their care recipients turned up for the event, which was run with the support from 3 CAREkakis from the Telok Blangah Grassroots Organisation, 3 CaringSG staff and 1 CAREchampion.

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CaringSG 2023 Highlights and Memories

CaringSG 2023 Highlights and Memories

CaringSG 2023 Lookback 1
CaringSG 2023 Lookback 2

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National CAREConference 2023: Closing Address by Dr Lim Hong Huay

Closing Address by Dr Lim Hong Huay at the National CAREConference on 8 Dec 2023

Good afternoon, everyone. This is truly an honour to be here today. 

Ladies and gentlemen, caregivers and professionals, this is really a transformative event for all the caregivers in Singapore and I really want to thank you for being here today. 

This whole idea of a National CAREConference and CARECarnival actually started for me personally five years ago, In 2018, my child I have three children, two of them with special  needs the youngest, was diagnosed with autism and had to enter a special school. So, I had to give up my job and become a full-time caregiver.

At the same time, in the same year, my mother-in-law, a very close friend to me, was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went on this journey of full-time caregiving as a mother of children with special needs and also a caregiver to a person with dementia and breast cancer. At that point in time I really felt lost. Wow, there’re so many services to navigate, and there’re so many things I need to learn even as a professional (because I’m a doctor). 

I remember I was looking at the mental health and the elderly sector. There were conferences for caregivers or persons with elderly issues, mental health issues, but there wasn’t anything much for persons with disability. 

So in 2019 November, we gathered a group of caregivers and we did the first ever CARE Carnival right here in the Enabling Village. And that was a time that I made a wish. 

I wished that one day, caregivers of persons with disabilities, caregivers of persons with mental health conditions and caregivers of seniors can all come together in one platform, in one day, at one time, and one heart, to look at caregiving as a role, as someone who is important in this nation of Singapore. And we’re able to then work with the professionals, work with the different stakeholders to empower this whole community of caregivers. Not differentiated, not in silos and not cut apart by their dependant’s needs, but we caregivers as one holistic person.

So this is really a dream come true for me to be able to come here today and give this closing speech. Thank you everyone for coming here, to put your hearts and your brain and your lives together to celebrate caregiving and acknowledge the love that every caregiver gives to our dependants. 

For all the caregivers out there, we see you care. And we care for you, too. For all the professionals who are out there, thank you for coming together with caregivers to learn and grow together. And with this Together effort, Singapore can truly become a more inclusive and caring Singapore in the future.

This CAREConference, it’s so enriching in half a day and I’m just thinking to myself, how can we cram it so much in one day? I made a secret wish today that we will have more CARE Conferences in future and maybe longer (in duration) with more topics, so that we can have more cross-pollination and more learning.

What I learnt today is we really need to take a holistic, integrative and ecological approach. It’s not just dependant-centric, there is a caregiver-centric aspect as well when we help caregivers of persons with disabilities, mental health, or seniors. We must also look into the ecosystem and integrate the services to help these caregivers to navigate this lifelong journey of caregiving. 

Secondly, for professionals, while you care for caregivers and care for our loved ones, you have to care for yourself too. So as caregivers, all we need you to be is to be a friend. We need you to first come alongside with us and be our friend first. Please take care of yourself friend. And next, we need you to be resourceful and also be humble and learn together with us. So we can all learn together. We can learn about the different caregiving approaches, different frameworks and different learnings from the different sector.

For caregivers, this is a call to action. We can only make the future better if we are part of that creation process. For caregivers, if you are new, join a support group. If you’re an experienced caregiver, strengthen yourself, be knowledgeable, and come back and serve. There are many caregiver support organisations so we do look forward to you contributing, and volunteering and putting in your lives to enrich other lives. 

And lastly, for family and friends, you are really the sensor and the eyes out there for every caregiver. We need you to be there to bring any caregivers who are struggling to come into the sector. 

Thank you so much everyone for being with us today. 

Lastly, I want to have a shout out for the CARECarnivals coming in the next three Saturdays. Please come and continue this joyful celebration of caregiving and learning together in the next three Saturdays at our CARECarnivals in Enabing Village, Kampung Admiralty as well as Heartbeat@Bedok. I thank everyone for joining this National CAREConference.

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National CARECarnivals 2023 for all Caregivers in Singapore

National CARECarnivals 2023 for all Caregivers in Singapore

A wonderful 3,000 caregivers and their loved ones joined us at the CARECarnivals, organised by AIC Singapore, CaringSG, NCSS and SG Enable, at Enabling Village, Kampung Admiralty, Heartbeat@Bedok over the past three Saturdays. We were so happy to see caregivers from all walks of life coming with their care recipients to enjoy the carnival.

At the first CARECarnival held at Enabling Village, Minister Desmond Lee shared the progress we have made over the past few years together with caregivers, supporters and funders. The heartwarming stories of many caregivers, and CaringSG’s Project 3i support (including CAREbuddy and Step One) were showcased at the carnival via media interviews, exhibits, videos, books and more.

Caregivers could visit the various booths to learn about resources available to enable them in their caregiving journey, such as caring for their physical health, improving their mental health, and joining support groups/networks. There were interesting activities to engage families such as journaling, clay art, henna, DIY cardholder, giant bowling, and food stalls distributing kacang putih, ice cream and popcorn.

If you’re a special needs caregiver looking to connect with other caregivers and support groups, join us at

Being a CaringSG member enables you to access our CAREconnect monthly webinars, request for CAREbuddy emotional support, check out other resources in our members’ portal, and receive regular email updates from us on upcoming events, member perks and services that are developed and curated for special needs caregivers and families.

Check out our social posts for more photos!

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The Purple Parade 2023: A Spectacular Showcase of Care and Inclusivity

The Purple Parade 2023: A Spectacular Showcase of Care and Inclusivity

The Purple Parade 2023, held on November 4th, was a heartwarming celebration of inclusion and support for individuals with special needs, their caregivers, and supporters. To stand in support with caregivers and their families, CaringSG participated in our second Purple Parade this year.

CaringSG’s Purple Parade Activities

CaringSG staff and volunteers prepared a colourful booth with touching quotes submitted during 2022 Purple Parade slogan quest

One of our signature features of the Purple Parade 2023 were the beautiful CAREcottage handicrafts by talented artisans. These intricately crafted items, lovingly made by caregivers and their care recipients with special needs, showcased their creativity and artistic skills.

CaringSG’s dinosaur mascots brought smiles to many caregivers

Visitors had the opportunity to browse and purchase these unique handicrafts, supporting the cause and taking home a piece of artistry that reflected the spirit of inclusivity. 

Our Uplift! Book, a project by CaringSG, was another highlight of the event. This beautifully crafted coffee table book encapsulates the incredible collaboration between local artist Chia Choy Ping, Lee Jun Le, an extraordinary individual with autism, with poems from Assoc Prof (Dr) Kenny Tan.

In addition, it features a collection of heartwarming stories and experiences shared by caregivers, an inspiring testament to the strength, love, and resilience of the caregiving community. Copies of this book were available for attendees to peruse, offering insight into the lives of those who are dedicated to caring for their loved ones.

From left: Edward Lim (Head of Corp Services and CAREconnect Lead), Faraliza Zainal (CAREchampion and Founder of MIJ Hub), Tan Pei Cheng (CAREchampion Lead) and Dr Lim Hong Huay (Founder and Honorary CEO of CaringSG) in front of the “Spur On, Caregivers” wall
Supporters penning down encouragement for caregivers for our “Spur On, Caregivers” wall

At the heart of our Purple Parade booth, there was a “Spur On, Caregivers” wall where many people penned down their heartfelt words of encouragement for caregivers. This wall served as a powerful symbol of solidarity and appreciation for the unwavering dedication of caregivers, a testament to the fact that caregivers are not alone in their journey and that their efforts are valued and celebrated.

Group photo of the Purple Parade marching contingent by CaringSG Ltd and BlackRock Singapore Ltd
We’re so happy to be a part of Purple Parade!

The Purple Parade 2023 also saw a strong show of support from the marching contingent by CaringSG Ltd and BlackRock Singapore Ltd. a prominent organization that believes in the power of inclusivity. The marching contingent comprised our community of caregivers, their families, and supporters from BlackRock and the public.

How You Can Support Special Needs Caregivers

Beyond the Purple Parade, CaringSG relies on the generosity of supporters and organizations to continue our mission of connecting, enabling and empowering special needs caregivers.

We welcome you to learn more about the caregiver services we offer by visiting our website to read more about CAREconnect, CAREbuddy and CAREwell. Here, you’ll find comprehensive information on our various services and resources available to caregivers to support them on their journey.

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CaringSG Community Events from June to September 2023

CaringSG Community Events from June to September 2023

Caregivers and families at a Lasting Power of Attorney Certification Event

Over the past 4 months, CaringSG has continued to run events focusing on a variety of topics such as art therapy, LPA, trishaw rides and a special treat to a local performance.

The events were kindly sponsored by the Enabling Lives Initiative (ELI) Grant (funded by Tote Board and managed by SG Enable) and Temasek Foundation.

Here’s what caregivers and families have enjoyed!

Art Therapy for Caregivers on 3 Jun 2023 at Telok Blangah Community Club

An art therapy session was held on 3 Jun 2023 at the Telok Blangah Community Club for caregivers to have an overview of using art therapy to benefit their self-care and emotional well-being. A certified, professional art therapist was engaged to share with participants on how to express and articulate one’s feelings and thoughts, and also to share one’s lived experiences through art, in a safe space.

The two-hour session provided caregivers with the basic knowledge on how to use this alternative therapy to enhance their emotional and mental well-being.

A total of 7 caregivers and a special needs dependent turned up for the therapy session from 10am to 12pm, with the support from 3 CAREkakis, 3 CaringSG staff and volunteers, and 1 CAREchampion.

LPA Certification at Telok Blangah Community Club (17 Jun 2023) and Toh Guan View RC (24 Jun 2023)

The Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document which allows a person who is at least 21 years of age to voluntarily appoint one or more persons to make decisions and act on his/her behalf if they lose their mental capacity one day.

Understanding the importance of LPA, CaringSG conducted two LPA certification sessions for caregivers on 17 June 2023 and 24 June 2023 at the Telok Blangah Community Club (8 caregivers) and Toh Guan View RC (13 caregivers) under Bukit Batok East CCC respectively, with support from Extra•Ordinary People.


Caregivers who wished to enjoy the ease of getting their LPAs certified by professionals for free could first prepare their LPAs draft online before coming down on the actual day to have their drafts reviewed and certified by the Certificate Issuer on the spot.

For each event, 4 CAREkakis and 4 CaringSG staff and volunteers supported, with an additional CAREchampion supporting the Telok Blangah event. The events were also kindly sponsored by the Enabling Lives Initiative (ELI) Grant (funded by Tote Board and managed by SG Enable) and Temasek Foundation.

A Great Day for a Trishaw Ride at Jurong Lake Gardens (8 Jul 2023 and 9 Sept 2023)

We had outdoor fun and get-together when we organised 2 trishaw ride events for caregivers and their families on 7 Jul 2023 and 9 Sep 2023 respectively.

Partnering Boon Lay CCC, Bukit Batok East CCC, Kampong Glam CCC, Telok Blangah CCC and Cycling Without Age Singapore, both events were held at the ActiveSG Park @ Jurong Lake Gardens where a total of 11 caregivers and 9 dependents could all come together to enjoy a splendid day filled with fun, laughter and unity. It was also a good opportunity to use trishaws as an intervention tool to enhance socio-emotional well-being!

Besides sweating it out on the trishaws, caregivers were also able to engage in lively conversations with other caregivers over an array of light table games and refreshments thereafter. The success of the Trishaw ride events were made possible with our sponsors and partners and not forgetting our 6 CAREkakis and 3 CAREchampions who came to help out on 7 Jul 2023, and 6 CAREkakis, 5 CaringSG staff and volunteers, and 3 CAREchampions who came to help out on 9 Sep 2023.

A Story of Batu Bulat on 19 Aug 2023

10 caregivers and 10 special needs dependents were treated to a performance entitled “A Prince, An Explorer and A Girl” at the Esplanade Theatre Studio on 19 Aug 2023 (Saturday) in partnership with Boon Lay CCC, Bukit Batok East CCC, Kampong Glam CCC and Telok Blangah CCC.

The story was about a prince, an explorer and a girl who lived on the idyllic island of Batu Bulat. Whilst each of them led their own exciting life, which at first glance seemed as different as night and day, they soon found out that they were more similar than they were different.

As it was a Relaxed Environment (RE) performance, it was suitable for persons with autism and/or sensory sensitivities. In addition, it was a text-based performance that required children and their adults to figure out what really happened at Batu Bulat by watching and listening closely to each character’s story.

Both the caregivers and their dependents were able to experience an adventure together with the characters on stage, who took them on different paths to ultimately lead them to understanding what empathy is and that there is always more than one perspective to any story.  The play was an excellent opportunity to introduce the idea of putting oneself in someone else’s position and feeling what they were feeling to build respectful and caring relationships.

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“We are not alone” – One family’s experience with the CAREwell Community Support Programme

“We are not alone” – One family’s experience with the CAREwell Community Support Programme

The Teys (from left): Rachel (7 years old), Mrs Tey, Mr Tey, and Ryan (13 years old)

This article was contributed by the Teys and the CaringSG CAREwell team.

The Teys

When our CaringSG CAREwell Keyworker, Lee Xiuhua, first met the Teys at their home, they were overwhelmed with their son’s, Ryan’s, behaviour and worried about his future.

“Ryan was climbing all over his mum, he tried to burn food with a lighter, he drank water from my water bottle and kept trying to snatch my pen, among other behaviours. I could see that Mrs Tey was at a loss as to how to manage his behaviour,” says Xiuhua.

Mrs Tey was a foreigner at that time. Not only did she feel isolated in Singapore, she also did not feel confident enough to navigate the healthcare system nor engage with Ryan’s teachers confidently. Ryan, 13, has autism, and was attending Grace Orchard School (GOS) but Mrs Tey was unsure as to how much she could lean on the school for professional support and how to gain access to it.

At that time, Mr and Mrs Tey were also in a dilemma as to what to do for the future. Should they live in Vietnam or Singapore? Ryan appeared to fare better in Vietnam but Mr Tey worked here in Singapore. The Teys also preferred their younger daughter, who is seven years old, to be educated here.

Mr and Mrs Tey’s relationship was also a little strained as Mr Tey as the sole breadwinner, was stressed about the high cost of hiring private psychological support for his son, and Mrs Tey felt that she was unable to manage Ryan who was growing bigger and stronger every day, especially when he became aggressive and hit back at her.

By Caregivers, For Caregivers

As a caregiver herself, Xiuhua was able to deeply connect with the Teys and understand their struggles. They felt that they were not alone in their journey of caregiving.

One particular concern shared was Ryan’s persistent negative texting to Mr Tey. Ryan expressed he is a bad student and always disappointed his teachers or parents. Xiuhua explored Ryan’s texting habit and checked with GOS’s psychologist to find out what the underlying reasons could be.

After some discussion, it was related to Ryan’s developing self-awareness that he had let down his teachers or parents when he was unable to meet their expectations. Ryan would ruminate on the negative aspects of his behaviours and wander around the neighbourhood roads alone which posed a safety concern. This was Ryan’s way of indirectly seeking his father’s approval, affirmation, and unconditional love.

With this in mind, Mr Tey was more aware of Ryan’s emotional needs and connected with him by replying to his texts with words of affirmation and love. This has helped reduce Ryan’s negative texting, habit of wandering the streets, and improved their father-son bond tremendously.

“(We) often find it comforting to share our journey with someone who understands how tough caregiving can get…the support getting from CAREwell help the parents especially cope with our emotions and experiences and show us that we are not alone.” – Mr Tey, father of 13-year-old Ryan

Professional Care and Guidance

After doing a thorough needs analysis, Xiuhua was able to better understand the Teys’ daily struggles, existing strengths, and dreams for the future. She then guided the couple to develop a few key functional goals which they could immediately work on together.

1. Expanding and deepening the Teys’ ecological system of support

A top priority was to get Ryan’s behaviour under control at home. To this end, Xiuhua worked quickly to put the appropriate services in place, expanding and deepening the Teys ecological support system.

For instance, she guided them on how they could obtain a subsidized psychiatrist’s appointment to assess Ryan for his impulsive and aggressive behaviour. She also connected the Teys to several parent support groups and shared online resources with them to improve their mental and emotional well-being.

2. Empowering Caregivers to optimise available community resources

A monumental shift, however, would take place at multiple levels when a joint home visit was made with Grace Orchard School whose team consisted of a Psychologist, Social Worker, and Ryan’s Form Teacher.

Firstly, with Xiuhua’s encouragement and support, Mrs Tey felt empowered to share candidly about Ryan’s behaviour at home which was greatly at odds with how he was behaving in school. This was a big step for Mrs Tey who previously felt self-conscious of her English language proficiency and lacked the confidence to engage closely with school professionals.

Secondly, the team from GOS listened carefully and shared behavioural management strategies with the Teys that were tailored to Ryan’s needs. Both Mr and Mrs Tey felt heard and well supported emotionally and professionally during this joint visit. Empowering the Teys and facilitating the joint home visit enabled the optimization of resources that were previously available but untapped on.

Thirdly, following the joint visit, the Teys felt confident enough to implement some of these strategies at home. For example, in the past, Mr Tey would pamper Ryan and give in to his demands, but this made things hard for Mrs Tey who could not then enforce boundaries with a growing teenager who could easily overpower her. Nowadays, Mr and Mrs Tey agree on and enforce boundaries as a team. “This way, Ryan knows that he can’t outplay his parents,” Xiuhua explains.

Today, the family is happier and feels equipped with the appropriate strategies and support in place. That has made a lot of difference to the family environment at home and Mrs Tey no longer fears for her safety nor is overwhelmed by Ryan’s care. In fact, she is so inspired by the service she has received that she shared that she would like to train to become an EIPIC special needs teacher in the future!

“Everyone gets knocked down sometimes; only people like you (Xiuhua) get us back up again and keep going. Absolutely excellent in all ways. The care was exemplary. My family really appreciated the support and assistance given to my son, your kind and caring always very helpful to parents who seem to go the extra mile for their children in need. Everything would be better if more people were like you. A big thank you to all the staff of CAREwell team. [sic]” – Mr Tey on the support his family received from our Keyworker, Xiuhua.

From left: Caregiver Mrs Tey Phan Thu and CaringSG CAREwell Keyworker Lee Xiuhua

Xiuhua’s reflection

It has been an honour and privilege to journey with the Tey family as their assigned keyworker. Getting to know both Mr and Mrs Tey and hear their story shared so openly, encouraged me to draw out the resilience I saw in them and give them the encouragement they needed to continue their caregiving journey.

Their humble self-reflections, concern and love for Ryan was evident at each touch point and interaction. The Teys committed to the 6 touch points as planned and agreed goals could be worked on in a timely and efficient manner. I enjoyed witnessing the beautiful bond they had with Ryan and am also inspired in return by how they have grown closer during the past 6 months.

Working with families often require trust and open communication which was evident while working with the Teys and for that, I am thankful they put their trust in me to journey with them in the CAREwell Community Support programme.

I was also encouraged by Ryan’s SPED school (GOS) for the open collaboration to hold the joint home visit. Having a conducive and caring special needs school environment did help Ryan develop well and address the parents’ concern promptly. I would like to acknowledge the hard work and professionalism of GOS team. Kudos to all professionals working tirelessly in the special education sector!

What is the CAREwell Community Support Programme?

The CAREwell Community Support (CWCS) Programme is a six-month programme consisting of at least six touch points. Each family is supported by a Keyworker who is typically a trained professional in social work, healthcare, special needs, or other related professions.

Keyworkers support families by providing transdisciplinary and multi-layered services which may include but are not limited to therapeutic and informational counselling, family support plan development and service coordination, navigation, and integration of cross sectoral services.

Applicants to CWCS are screened for suitability before being enrolled into the programme. For more information, please visit

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CaringSG Community Events In May 2023

CaringSG Community Events In May 2023

The month of May was another eventful month for CaringSG as we had lined up exciting events and talks for our caregivers from Boon Lay, Kampong Glam and Telok Blangah.

6 May 2023 Massage Therapy for Caregivers (Telok Blangah Community Club)

We understand that caregiving is a tiring task and caregivers do need some “me” time and respite along the journey. In order to help caregivers to relieve tension and enhance their well-being, CaringSG organised a massage therapy for caregivers on 6 May 2023.

They were treated to a rejuvenating massage session by skilled therapists while our volunteers helped to engage their dependents with simple games and activities. 

9 caregivers and their special needs dependents turned up for the therapy session from 10am to 12pm. Light refreshment were also provided for all participants.

This event was supported by 1 CAREkaki, 3 CaringSG staff and volunteers, 1 CAREchampion, the Enabling Lives Initiative (ELI) Grant funded by Tote Board and managed by SG Enable, Temasek Foundation and Telok Blangah CCC.

13 May 2023 Deputyship and Special Needs Trust Talk (Boon Lay)

The next caregiver engagement event (talk) was held on 13 May 2023 at Boon Lay Community Club from 2pm to 4pm. The talk focused on providing caregivers with practical knowledge on the requirements and process on applying for deputyship. Our speakers also shared the relevant information on how to set up a special needs trust.

4 caregivers turned up for the talk and we were glad that all of them had a better and deeper understanding on Deputyship and Special Needs Trust after interacting with our speakers and other caregivers.  This event was supported by 3 CAREkakis, 3 CaringSG staff and volunteers, 1 CAREchampion, the Enabling Lives Initiative (ELI) Grant funded by Tote Board and managed by SG Enable, Temasek Foundation and Boon Lay CCC.

20 May 2023 Purple Outing to SEA Aquarium (Kampong Glam)

The last activity for the month was a Purple Outing to S.E.A Aquarium on 20 May 2023. S.E.A. Aquarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums and it is home to more than 100,000 marine animals! Caregivers and their dependents had the opportunity to get close-up with the vast array of aquatic life and participated in the various learning journeys available at the aquarium to better appreciate the importance of preserving our oceans and its marine animals.

A total of 16 caregivers and 10 of their special needs dependents turned up for the event and it was supported by 14 CAREkakis, 2 CaringSG staff and volunteers and 2 CAREchampions. It was really heartening to see both caregivers and their dependents enjoying themselves during this outing. 

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CaringSG Volunteer Appreciation Day 2023

CaringSG Volunteer Appreciation Day 2023

CaringSG held our first Volunteer Appreciation Day on 27 May 2023, Saturday, at the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre.

We welcomed 50 volunteers across various CaringSG Project 3i programmes to meet up and mingle with one another over lunch and games. 

After the Opening Address by Board Co-Chair Dr David Ang, volunteers enjoyed mini games which tested how well they knew each other, with lots of laughter and fun, and smiles all around.

Some volunteers and CaringSG staff who have not had the chance to meet in person, could finally meet face to face and bond over food and games. Others caught up with fellow volunteers they had not seen face to face for a long while and had a good long chat.

To show our gratitude for our volunteers’ contributions, we prepared appreciation videos showcasing their efforts and impact on caregivers and the community.

CaringSG Board Chair Dr Lim Hong Huay also gave a speech to thank volunteers, and she presented certificates and tokens of appreciation to our various groups of volunteers at CaringSG’s Volunteer Award & Appreciation Ceremony. 

We are immensely grateful to have the support of all our volunteers, and deeply cherish our time with you in our collective efforts to support special needs caregivers and their families.

Scroll down to see photos of our Volunteer Appreciation Day!

We welcome volunteers to sign up with us at


Opening Address by CaringSG Board Co-Chair Dr David Ang
Volunteer games underway with lots of laughter and smiles
Volunteer Appreciation Speech by CaringSG Board Co-Chair Dr Lim Hong Huay
CAREambassadors: volunteers at CaringSG events
CAREkakis: trained grassroot leaders
CAREchampions: caregiver volunteers at CAREconnect events
CAREwell: professional volunteers
CAREbuddy: trained caregivers who provide other caregivers with support and listening ear
icare! gala dinner volunteer

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CaringSG Feb and Mar 2023 Needs Assessment Events @ Kampong Glam

CaringSG Feb and Mar 2023 Needs Assessment Events @ Kampong Glam

In order to check on the well-being of caregivers (such as financial, health and social), CaringSG conducted a needs assessment exercise for caregivers residing at Kampong Glam on 12 Feb and 18 Mar 2023.

                                                                             Kampong Glam CAREkakis and CaringSG preparing for the needs assessment

During the house visits, staff and volunteers also asked about the caregivers’ daily caregiving duties and whether they required any additional help as some of them might not be aware of the existing government schemes or avenues to seek help from.

A total of 23 families were engaged during the 2 dates (13 families in February and 10 families in March) and both outreach events were also supported by Enabling Lives Grant Initiative (funded by Tote Board and managed by SG Enable), Temasek Foundation, and Kampong Glam CCC.

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