Supporting Your Child – A Parent’s Guide for Young Children who need Early Intervention

Supporting Your Child – A Parent’s Guide for Young Children who need Early Intervention

Learning that your child has special needs is the start of a journey into the unknown.

To support parents and caregivers of preschool-aged children who may have developmental needs, MSF, ECDA and MOE have published a guide to empower you to find out more about:

  • Your child’s development,
  • Accessing Early Intervention (EI) support,
  • Supporting your child’s transition from EI to school-aged provisions, and
  • Accessing support for yourself and your family.

Inside the guide, caregivers can access resources to equip themselves as caregivers:

  • Check out community events

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The guide provides lots of information and step-by-step support for key milestones in your caregiving journey, such as:

  • Understanding your child’s developmental needs
  • Things to consider when assessing types of Early Intervention Services and Service Providers
  • Facilitating your child’s transition from Early Intervention to School-aged provisions
  • Subsidies you can tap on as a caregiver
  • How to take care of yourself
  • Planning for a sustainable lifelong care journey

Read the full EDCA guide here.

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